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BeerMKR Net Worth: How Much is the Company Worth Actually?



BeerMKR Net Worth

BeerMKR is an American company that was featured in Shark Tank Season 12. It is an all-in-one countertop craft-brewing application through which anyone could make beer at their home. BeerKMR appeared in Episode 23 of Season 12’s Shark Tank, where they asked Sharks for $500 thousand for a 2% equity at a $25 million valuation. As of 2023, BeeKMR company net worth is estimated to be around $25 million.

What is BeeKMR Company?

Full Name BeerKMR Company
Founded In 2013
Founders Aaron Walls, Matt Goff
Headquarter Boulder, Colorado
Net Worth $25 million

BeerKMR is a Colorado-based company that was founded by two friends, Aaron Walls and Matt Golf. The buzzy home brewing device that makes beer made a splash in the beer world when it was featured on the reality series, Shark Tank in 2021. BeerKMRR was founded in January 2013 and began its full operations in 2014.

The company is known for launching a product, Immersion that allows beer brewers to make large-style beers without refrigerators.  The BeerMKR has a three-tier system, Brewtub, Brewbag & Waste bag which are used inside the BeerMKR. The system can be controlled through the mobile application and has automatic heating and cooling system.

BeeKMR Net Worth & It’s Members

Aaron Walls and Matt Goff are the two founders of the high-tech beer brewing company. The two friends were bounded over a love of brewing and beer experimentation since they were studying at Cornell University. After some time, the duo came up with a home brewing system, BrewJacket, which was later renamed BeerMKR. They initially launched their product at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. After that, the duo launched a successful Kickstarter campaign. Surprisingly, the campaign worked for them as they nearly received $400,000 in funding from around 1000 backers.

The two co-founders of the company described their device as a smaller, clear, and basically idiot-proof method for home brewing. Furthermore, the device is easy enough for a first-time brewer and fully customizable for seasoned pros. The company has developed a BeerMKR smartphone app that alerts users when the beer is ready to get removed from the machine. The BeerMKR has the capacity to produce around 12-pack of beer in 3 to 7 days which requires little human effort.

The high-efficiency output of BeerMKR equipment brings more convenience to home brewing. If you want to brew different beers in a short period, assigning corresponding stickers to the beers can help you better differentiate them. 

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The names of various beers and elements of beer culture can be designed and customized. People can put corresponding stickers on wine bottles and customize the labels of brewing raw materials to store them better. Custom vinyl stickers can be used to decorate your desk, walls, windows, and any other object. 

Use Vinyl Stickers to categorize your beers and you’ll achieve a special home beer party.

BeerMKR also sells pre-made beer kits, MKRKITs that include all the ingredients required to make a variety of beers. The founders of the BeerMKR presented their product in the May 2021 episode of the reality series, Shark Tank. The Sharks were given a chance to have a taste of some of their brewed beers. Along with that, they also gave an opportunity to make an investment in their growing company.

The BeerMKR eventually received a deal from Kevin O’Leary where he stated he must get a 9% interest on the money he invested. However, BeerMKR turned down the deal and left without accepting any investment offer from any of the sharks. One of the co-founders, Aaron Walls clarified the reason for rejecting O’Leary’s deal. He stated that having that sort of debt on the balance sheet is not healthy for a company of its size.

After turning down the deal, the creators of BeerMKR are looking for a new round of investment opportunities that would allow their company to grow. According to sources, the BeerMKR sold 1000 units in May 2021 and started a fundraising campaign on Start Engine which has eventually brought over $300,000 in funds for an $18 million valuation.

Besides appearing in Shark Tank, the company, BeerMKR has also been featured in many other news outlets. In fact, the company won gold at the National Homebrew Competition. Furthermore, the company was referred to as the Olympics of home brewing at the competition.

BeerMKR Net Worth

BeerMKR has earned an estimated net worth of $25 million as of 2023. At present, the price of BeerMKR plus Beer tap is $899. Whereas, the price of a single beer tap is $149. The company raised a successful Kickstarter campaign with a goal of collecting $100,000 in September 2018, Beyond their expectation, the company raised $398,276 from 1000 backers.

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