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Buy Women’s Underwear Online in Australia: Knobby Unmentionables



Alright, let’s get one thing straight from the jump – buying underwear for your lady online opens up a whole new world of risqué, saucy options that you’d never find at dopey chains like Kmart. We’re talking niche, indie brands catering to extremely…particular tastes, if you know what I mean. You better Buy Women’s Underwear Online in Australia: Knobby.

I’m talking about Knobby – hands down one of the most iconic, chaotically horny lingerie labels Straya has to offer these days. Are they subtle or classy? Hell nah. But if you’re trying to scope out some utterly unhinged, lingerie-adjacent kink gear for the bedroom? Oh buddy, Knobby’s got you covered…and then some!

Knobby 101: The Sexy Lunatics of Lingerie 

This raunchy little Aussie clothing company started as a side hustle for a frisky Melbourne BDSM enthusiast just trying to sling some homemade leatherware and fetishwear on Etsy. But in a few short years, Knobby’s raucous, zero-chill vibe exploded into an online phenomenon.

We’re talking skimpy designs dripping with a borderline psychotic commitment to crotchless, cutout, sheer detailing galore. Nothing is too extreme or gratuitous when it comes to putting lady bits and curves aggressively on display. Underboob? Knobby’s got it. Cheeky lace butt inserts? You already know. Straight-up wearing ropes and chains as quasi-clothing? That’s just an average Tuesday for these mavericks!

Now sure, not all of Knobby’s unmentionables are full-tilt, borderline pornographic fetishwear. They’ve got some tamer lacy bodysuit and corset options for folks looking to simply spice up date night visuals. But like, let’s be real – these horndogs didn’t get their raunchy reputation by making your grandma’s high-waisted bloomers either.

That delightfully chaotic, completely unrepentant BDSM-adjacency is kindaKnobby’s whole lewk. So if you’re a painfully vanilla lingerie shopper, your eyes may legitimately start bleeding from sensory overload pretty quick on their site. Buyer (and bulge) beware!

Navigating the Barely-There Categories

Okay, so let’s say you’re perusing Knobby’s underwear nook and your freak flag is flying at full mast. Well hot damn, prepare for the section navigation to get EXTREMELY specific and granular when it comes to niche intimate apparel and accessories. I’m talking:

– Lingerie (duh): Your intro gateway into their milder sheer rompers, bustiers and whatnot.

– Bondagerie: Exactly what it sounds like – lingerie exploded into actual bondage gear territory.

– Skirtingeries: Tailored fashion skirts designed to highlight curves & undies underneath.  

– Gaggerees: BDSM gags, muzzles, and other breathable coverings for…y’know.

– Bangories: Yup, hand ornaments and restraints explicitly made for kink activities.

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– Pluggeries: This one is fairly self-explanatory, I think? Absolutely feral stuff.

And look, I honestly could keep going here because Knobby’s catalog expands into such utter depravity, it’s actually hard to believe it started as a lingerie company. At a certain point, you’re basically staring at the most artisanal, high-quality sex toys masquerading as skimpy undies instead.

Suffice it to say, if there’s a piece of intimate apparel you could conceivably use to enhance your freaky relations, Knobby has boldly gone there. No kink is too niche, risqué or taboo to design a provocative garment around.

Now…Is This Horny Stuff Giftable?

Of course, the big elephant in the room when discussing Knobby’s brain-meltingly promiscuous offerings is whether or not this type of intimate apparel actually makes an appropriate romantic gift for your partner.

And look, I’m not here to yuck anyone’s yum or kink shame whatsoever! If your lady is an absolute freak who gets legitimately giddy over ultra skimpyfetishwear and BDSM chic? By all means, gift her some Knobby joints and prepare for an extremely…appreciative reaction.

But for the kings out there not fully versed on their partner’s intimate tastes & boundaries? Maybe pump the brakes before surprising her with risky bondage pieces and enough crotchless cutouts to make a nun faint on sight. Not every woman wants to unwrap a gift that basically screams “LET’S BONE LIKE FERAL ANIMALS!” After all.

My advice? If her closet currently has more rosary beads than gimp masks, ease into the kinkier gifts slower. Start with some milder sheer bodysuits to gauge her thirst level first.

If she’s immediately sending pics of her rocking it, hardcore hair tousled, with captions like “Thank you Daddy?????”? Well then, congrats king – you’ve just been indirectly granted a license to get as raunchy and depraved as Knobby’s catalog will allow going forward. Play on, playa!

But if she recoils in horror or responds with “WTF is this?” after opening the package? Then you may wanna reevaluate whether tamer mall fare like Victoria’s Secret would’ve been the smarter lingerie play for now. Baby steps when it comes to testing those boundary waters!

At the end of the day, Knobby’s severe sluttiness and kink-worshipping vibes may not vibe with every Aussie woman. But thank goodness companies like them exist for the daring freaks out there not afraid to be utterly unhinged in the name of spicing up their intimates! Stay sexy and stupid, you crazy bastards.

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