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Does Global Star Sylvester Stallone Wear A Toupee?



Sylvester Stallone needs no introduction. The American actor has starred in many action movies and has become an icon in the Hollywood world. He has completed five decades in the film industry and has only gotten better in his journey. Despite being 77 years old, Sylvester has looked flawless at all public events and movies. This has made people wonder what’s the secret behind his looks. 

Famous as Rambo, Sylvester seems to have undergone multiple cosmetic surgeries, which apparently helped him retain his looks in the mid-70s. One particular area that’s been questioned a lot is his hair. Did Sylvester have a receding hairline and did he go through a hair transplant surgery to have a head full of hair at this age? Does he wear a hairpiece to cover the bald patches or the sign of thinning? His fans constantly wonder what kind of hair treatment he is getting to restore the hair length, volume, and luster.

Sylvester’s Hair Throughout His Career

Sylvester began his career with a blockbuster release “Rocky” in 1976. The movie gained so much popularity that several sequels of the film were released later. At that time, Sylvester was famous for his thick, black hair and chiseled features. 

In 1979, when the sequel to Rocky was released, Sylvester had the same hair thickness, volume, and color. In the 80s and 90s, the American star was featured in a large number of movies, including Rambo, Rocky sequels, and Demolition Man. The rumors of Sylvester getting a transplant surgery started doing rounds in the 90s. In most of the roles that he played around this time, he was seen wearing thick hair, which was comparatively thicker than his original hair volume. This raised suspicion among his fans that he was probably trying to cover the bald patches.

However, it turned out that these were just the rumors, as Sylvester kept flaunting his natural hair in most movies and public appearances. There could be a possibility that Sylvester might have done something to prevent male pattern baldness, like getting a hormonal treatment or a hair transplant. The biggest thing that raised suspicion was the event that occurred in Australia. 

The Australian Controversy

Sylvester was caught and charged for bringing about 48 containers of the prohibited hormones into Australia. It happened in 2007. The reasons why he brought the restricted hormones are still vague, as his lawyers told the court that he used those growth hormones for an undisclosed medical condition. 

The actor himself told the media that he needed those hormones to get a tough body for scenes in the Rambo movie, but his fans suspected that he could have brought it for hair. Experts believe that certain kinds of steroids used for boosting growth or achieving a fit body can result in hair loss. Such steroids have also been shown to increase the risk of male pattern baldness. However, Sylvester showed no signs of hair-related issues, which further raised the suspicion that he probably went through a hair transplant surgery right before the movie. However, it’s still unclear whether the rumors were true.

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If the rumors were true and Sylvester went through a hair transplant, it was at a time when the technique was relatively new and had not gained much popularity. His hair looked amazing, there’s no denying that. There’s also a possibility that Sylvester could have been wearing a toupee for men since then. 

Toupees are designed to stay stuck to your scalp without causing any skin irritation or scalp issues. He might be concealing the bald patches with a toupee that covers most of his head and blends in seamlessly with his natural hair. Then again, there’s no way to confirm whether that’s true or Sylvester wears natural hair.

Is it the Toupee?

It’s pretty common that men tend to suffer from hair-related issues as they age. Many of them suffer from receding hairline or hair thinning around the crown area. Sadly, there’s not much you can do to restore your hair volume, apart from getting a hair transplant. 

It’s an invasive cosmetic surgery where the surgeon extracts hair from the healthy parts of your head and implants them on the area with bald patches or excessive thinning. Some men prefer to cover their scalp with the toupee, which is an excellent alternative to an invasive procedure. This is mostly seen in celebrities who need a head full of hair for movies, public appearances, shows, promotions, etc.

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to lose their hair or suffer from some level of hair thinning in their later 50s. Sylvester, however, has retained his thick, voluminous, and gorgeous locks even in his mid-70s, making people wonder about the secret behind this maintenance. There’s a belief that Sylvester Stallone wears a toupee and has flaunted that in most of his movies. 

What raised suspicion about his hair was the constantly varying shades of hair. Another thing that looks weird is the fact that his hair looks more voluminous and thicker than it was at the beginning of the 21st century. There’s a common belief that he wears a toupee or has undergone some hair treatment to have a head full of hair at this age.

How to Get Hair like Sylvester’s?

Choosing the best hair replacement system for balding will help you achieve a flawless look. A hair transplant isn’t always the best solution to receding hairline or hair thinning issues. You should stick to non-invasive yet highly functional solutions, like a customized hair toupee, which covers your bald patches without looking obvious. People won’t even notice you are wearing a wig. With a customized toupee, you can have a hair system like Sylvester. It’s easy to maintain. You can take the toupee off to clean your scalp and rinse it thoroughly before putting it back on.

If celebrities can flaunt the toupees so confidently, you can too. You just need to find the right fit and you are good to go!

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