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Top PC Games to Buy in 2023



PC games are all the rage right now. Historically speaking, gaming on PC never goes out of fashion. No matter how much current generation consoles may dominate the gaming space, the PC fandom holds true to its base. Even console exclusive games eventually have to buckle under the pressure of the ginormous PC gamer presence. We’re not bluffing, games like Witcher 3 and God of War all enjoyed exclusivity for a limited time until a port to PC had to be formularized. 

If you’re someone like us who can’t get enough of the awesomeness of the PC and prefer to stick to the mouse-keyboard duo, then follow us as we sift through some of the top PC games to buy this year. Our choices have been made keeping in mind the adventure, thrill, and fast-paced dynamics that make PC gaming an absolute joy to play.

Ready? Let’s dive in!


At first glance, a game that provides only a birds-eye view of the map, including the characters as they go at each other’s throats, may seem quite boring. However, you’ll be pleasantly surprised once you get into the universe of DOTA to realize that each game has its own dynamic, each fight is unique, and with 100+ items to equip your vast pool of characters with, there really is no telling how your next game is going to unfurl.

It’s infuriating really. In a gleefully nihilistic sort of way. And if you want to grab the best possible experience given by a top-class MMORPG like this, then consider setting yourself up with an internet connection that can take the heat of it. DOTA requires a low ping and super fast internet speed in order to let you play online multiplayer without any hiccups. WOW! can help provide this and a lot more by simply getting in touch with AT&T Customer Service. The company is dedicated to providing gamers with a lag-free connection, one that can help them climb rank or get those all-nighters in without any rage quits that pertain to a dismal connection. 

Red Dead Redemption 2

If you’re one for the Wild West, gunslinging, swashbuckling, rootin’ tootin’ action, then this game is the perfect fit for you. Grab yourself a pair of cowboy boots and jump into a west where adventure is afoot and crime is rampant. Discover Arthur Morgan’s story as he swifts through multiple decisions that change the story based on his actions. You could go full bandit and not care about any living thing as you establish yourself as a crime overlord or choose the road less traveled and become a vigilante who works alongside the Sheriff to juice up some much-needed justice.

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Hades is a fantastic rogue-lite that is currently the king of the hill as far as dungeon crawlers go. Players take hold of Zagreus, crown prince of the Underworld, who despises his father Hades and wishes to escape Hell in order to roam the world. This is easier said than done because the underworld has layers to it, all of which are churning and twisting at Hades’ command to make his son give up the search for the land topside. 

The game does a wonderful job of introducing characters from all over the mythological Greek world. Zeus, Athena, Hephaestus, Aries, and Aphrodite along with a cluster of other lesser-known gods all come to Zagreus’ aid at multiple points in the game to help him escape with boons; blessings from the gods. All in all, the game is a wonderful take on Greece, and it is no surprise that Hades has won multiple accolades currently. 

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is a truly monumental achievement in the world of gaming solely because of its take on the open world genre. Every nook and cranny that the player stumbles upon in this game is loaded with creepy crawlies ready to have a go at your throat or mystical treasures that can imbue special powers upon the character or their weapon. 

Loads of customizations are also possible because since the game is an RPG at its base, there’s a lot to be explored in your inventory. From boons, potions, weapons, and cloaks to special finishers, elemental damage boosters, and even a trusty steed that can be modified. 

Apex Legends

What was predicted to be a ripoff of forerunners such as Fortnite or Pubg turned out to be a sturdy standalone title in its own right. Apex Legends takes things on the lighter side by introducing an island that hosts a regularly running competition between a pool of characters. The idea is the same; 100 players drop into the warzone, grabbing loot, and eliminating the other party to emerge victorious. 

AL does this however through its own version of game mechanics, loots, armor, character abilities, and map designs. It also makes it seem like a professional competition with a narrator involved in the game as well.


That’s a wrap on the top games we have for you to try on your PC rig. Each aforementioned game is available on Steam to download but if you want to take our advice then wait till these titles go on sale and then spend your precious money. That way, you might end up snagging two titles at the same price. The holiday season is usually a good timeframe to spend your money in. Happy gaming!

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