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Duffer Brothers Net Worth: How Rich are the Producers Actually?



Duffer Brothers Net Worth

Matt and Ross Duffers, better known as the Duffer Brothers are American writers, creators, and directors. The Duffer Brothers are the creators of the Netflix series, Stranger Things. In addition, they wrote and directed the psychological horror movie “Hidden”. The Duffer Brothers are identical twins and work on all projects as a pair. Duffer Brothers net worth is roughly $16 million as of 2023.

Full Name Matt and Ross Duffer
Birthday February 15, 1984
Birthplace Durham, North Carolina
Profession Writer, Director and Producer
Ross’s wife Leigh Janiak
Net Worth $16 million

Early life

Duffer Brothers were born on the 15th of February, 1984 in Durham, North Carolina. They initially studied at the Duke School for Children. After that, they joined Charles E. Jordan High School. Their parents gave them a Hi8 video camera when they were studying in the third grade. Using the camera, they used to create their own feature-length movies.

Duffer Brothers Net Worth & Career


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Duffer Brothers made their first movie on the trading card game, Magic: The Gather. While in high school, the twin brothers developed an interest in-game. Then, they began creating horror movies. In a process of continuing their education, they attended the Dodge College of Film and Arts after moving to Orange, California.

While at Chapman University, they worked on a few short films as a writer and director. Among their few short movie works, the most famous was a short titled “We All Fall Down”, which received the Best Short award at the 2005 Deep Ellum Film Festival. Later on, they went on to create a short movie titled “Eater” under the guidance of the producer, Mace Neufeld.

After finishing college, the Duffer brothers worked on the script of the post-apocalyptic horror movie “Hidden”. They directed the movie in 2012 and was released in 2015. Following that, they were contacted by the producer, Donald De Line, who asked them to work as writers for Fox’s science fiction series “Wayward Pines”. They eventually wrote 4 episodes for Fox’s series. After a few experiences in TV, they started working on ideas for the science fiction horror series “Stranger Things”.

The Duffer Brothers were actually inspired by the plot of the 2013 movie Prisoners for the horror series. They wanted to add something more interesting to the show. They soon started discussing more childlike sensibilities and having a monster devouring people. In the end, the horror series took place in the 80s which allowed them to pay homage to all movies they had watched and loved growing up.

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The science fiction series was quickly acquired by Netflix and was released on July 15, 2016. After their amazing work on Stranger Things, Netflix signed the Duffer Brothers for more movies and TV shows over the coming years. In March 2021, the twin brothers announced that they would work along with Steven Spielberg on the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Talisman a Netflix series. The Duffer Brothers will also be the executive producers via Amblin Partners.

The Duffer Brothers launched a class on celeb-focused online learning platform MasterClass in July 2022. They launched an online platform for aspiring TV creators on how to develop an original TV series. They will be making the debut of their class on the eve of the July 1 premiere of Stranger Things 4 Volume 2.

The Duffers’ online class comprises 18 video lessons of a total of 5 hours and 18 minutes of instruction. The students can access the class via an annual membership to MasterClass. The price of the class starts at $180 per year.

Personal Life

Duffer Brothers were accused of creating a toxic work environment in March 2018 on social media. They were accused by a girl on the Stranger Things set who worked with them on the show. According to a girl, the Duffers created a hostile work environment on the set for women. However, the twin brothers denied the claim. After a while, Netflix investigated the matter and found no wrongdoing.

Among twin brothers, Ross Duffer is a married man. He got wed to the director, Leigh Janiak in December 2015. They met first time at the production company in 2006. At that time, he was working as an intern and Leigh was an assistant to the producer. On the other hand, Matt has kept his personal life private.

Duffer Brothers Net Worth

Duffer Brothers’ personal wealth is estimated to be around $16 million as of 2023. They have made a whopping amount throve their involvement as writers, directors, and creators. Ross Duffer purchased a $5.4 million worth new house in Los Angeles in January 2019.

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