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Heather Armstrong Net Worth: How Rich was the Blogger Actually?



Heather Armstrong Net Worth

Heather Armstrong also known as the queen of mommy bloggers, was an American blogger. She is best known for writing candidly about her struggles with motherhood, alcoholism, and depression. Armstrong died at 47 years of age on May 9, 2023. Heather Armstrong net worth at the time of her death is roughly around $2 million.

Full Name Heather B. Armstrong
Birth Date July 19, 1975
Birth Place United States
Profession Blogger
Partner Pete Ashdown
Net Worth $2 million
Died May 9, 2023

Early Life

Heather Armstrong was born in the United States on July 19, 1975. She grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, and was brought up as a member of the LDS Church. Armstrong studied at Brigham Young University and graduated in 1997.

Heather Armstrong Net Worth and Career

Heather Armstrong

Following graduation, she left the church and started working as a web developer for startups in Los Angeles during the dot-com boom. After some time, she returned to Salt Lake City and began working as a consultant and designer.

In 2002, Armstrong was allegedly fired from her job after she wrote satirical accounts of her experiences at dot-com startups on her personal blog titled She humorously disavowed the meaning of her name, Dooced, as it means getting fired for something.

Heather stated in her personal blog BYU is one of the worst places that exist. She also revealed that her diploma was withheld for more than a $20 unpaid parking ticket. She incurred the charge for being unable to find a legal parking place for a mandatory church service.

In February 2001, she wrote a post about Carnation Milk and then published over 5,300 entries covering topics regarding breast milk pumps, and golf cart rides with Norah Jones. She accepted graphic ads and text advertisements for the first time on her website in 2004.

The revenue from the advertisements eventually became her family’s personal source of income. By 2009, the ads on her website were visible to 8.5 million monthly readers which reportedly generated around $40,000 each month.

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In November 2009, Heather introduced a new interactive section to her website allowing users to post questions and responses. She was awarded with a lifetime achievement award by The Weblog Awards in 2008. Her website, Dooce, also grabbed other websites to make sardonic and critical observations about lifestyle bloggers.

Armstong negotiated with Kensington Books in late 2005 and produced two books. One of the books was a memoir of early parenthood. However, a year later, the negotiations broke down. Then, Kensington sued her to fulfill the terms of the unsigned contract.

Armstrong and Kensington agreed to a settlement in October 2006. After a mutual deal, she was allowed to seek another publisher. In April 2008, she released a book of essays titled Things I Learned About My Dad. Then, she released her second book in March 2009, and her third book titled The Valedictorian of Being Dead was published in 2019.

Personal Life

Heather Armstrong was married to Jon Armstrong, a web designer. Along with him, she shares two kids named Leta Elise and Marlo Iris. Heather separated with Jon in 2013. The separation came as a surprise as she had never written about any marital issues.

Heather neither shares any struggles with children nor depression. Later, she revealed that the pair had been in counseling for years. After the divorce, she met a tech entrepreneur, Pete Ashdown and the two became romantically involved.

Armstrong was living with her current partner and two kids. On May 9, 2023, she was found dead in her Salt Lake City house. Her current partner, Ashdown stated that she died by suicide after an apparent relapse of her alcoholism.

Heather Armstrong Net Worth

Heather Armstrong has an estimated net worth of $2 million before she died on May 9, 2023. She was also a music columnist and consultant in the Alpha Mother media network. In addition to that, she along with her ex-husband ran a web design advertising business, Armstrong Media, LLC.

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