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Nelk Boys Net Worth: How Rich are the YouTube Stars Actually?



Nelk Boys Net Worth

Nelk Boys, who is also known as Nelk is a Canadian YouTube channel consisting of a group of pranksters Lucas Gasparini, Stevewilldoit, Salim The Dream, Kyle Forgeard, and Arthur “Jimmy Gambles” Kulik. Nelk Boys mainly include public pranks on their channel filming in different places like Apple Store, libraries, universities, Best Buy, and others. The pranksters have also been arrested a number of times while filming the pranks. As of 2023, Nelk Boys net worth (combined) is estimated to be around $7 million.

Name Nelk Boys
Founder Kyle Forgeard
Origin Ontario, Canada
Active Year 2010
Genre Pranks
Net Worth $7 million

Nelk Boys Beginnings & Early Days

The creator and founder of the YouTube channel, Kyle Forgeard first started a channel named Nelk Filmz in 2010 along with other members, Lucas Gasparini, Niko, and Marko Martinovic. After four years in 2014, Jesse Sebastiani joined the group. Jesse was previously working on his self-published documentary “Saved by the Status”, and in the MTV show “Careless Teens”. After working for a year with the group, he expressed his displeasure with his and the group’s lifestyle.

Jesse became less active in Nelk’s videos and started working on the Full Send brand. Likewise, other founding members Niko and Marko Martinovic left the group in 2015 to work on their own independent YouTube channel. Lucas Gasparini also left in 2017 giving the reason as the channels consist of public misconduct that would affect his career outlook. Likewise, he was also going to continue his educational studies as a plumber. However, in 2012, he returned back and joined the group in Los Angeles.

Nelk Boys Net Worth & Rise to Fame


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In October 2019, another member of the group, Jason Pagaduan was withdrawn from the group for behavioral misconduct where he sent a sexual nature and direct message of graphic to fans. Though, he is still a part of the group as he returned in 2021. The current and recurring members of the group include Kyle Forgeard, Stephen Deleonardis “SteveWillDoIt”, Salim Sirur “Salim The Dream”, Lucas Gasparini, and Arthur “Jimmy Gambles” Kulik. Nelk Boys generally makes prank videos centering around the North American college culture.

The Nelk Boys videos also include the vlogs focusing on their party lifestyle, and real footage of their pranks. In January 2015, the group of pranksters posted a video called “Coke Prank on Cops” which became their most video on YouTube. In the video, they referred to coke as cocaine and told officers that they had coke in the back of the car. However, the video was surrounded by controversy in May 2016, after the pranksters’ group received a warning from the Los Angeles Police Department, claiming that the prank was illegal.

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The police department announced that they were going to conduct an investigation into Nelk in September 2020, after the group hosted a flash mob taking 200 people on the campus of the Illinois State University, which was against the rule of COVID 19. After that, their channel was demonetized by YouTube. After a week, police caught the gathering of 1500 people at the house, which was rented by Nelk. As a consequence, Nelk was kicked out of the house.

In February 2021, the pranksters’ group, Nelk made a variation video of their most viewed video  “Coke Prank on Cops”. While they were performing in Colombia, they were detained by the Medellin police without giving an explanation. In March 2021, the Nelk Boys were not able to upload any of their news videos after an arrest warrant was against Kyle Forgeard in Texas. Nelk uploaded their recent video titled “We Met Our New Girlfriend’s Parents and They Hated Us!’ on November 23, 2021.

Personal Life

Nelk Boys are very much open and expressive in their personal life. The key member of the group, Kyle Forgeard is currently single. Likewise, other members, Salim, Jason, and Lucas’ present status also appear to be single. On the other hand, Stevewilldoit is currently dating his girlfriend Celina Smith. The channel has its own official Instagram account, @nelkboys, where they have 4.3 million followers.

Nelk Boys Net Worth

Nelk Boys have accumulated a total net worth of $7 million as of 2023. The prankster boys have been able to earn a whopping amount through making prank videos on YouTube channels which have 7.14 million subscribers and over 1.1 billion views. In addition to their YouTube earnings, Nelk also earns a hefty amount from their clothing brand, Full Send.

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