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Jared Birchall Net Worth: How Rich is Elon Musk’s Fixer Actually?



Jared Birchall Net Worth

Jared Birchall is an American business personality who is known as the right hand of the world’s richest man, Elon Musk. Jared is a former Merill Lynch banker and currently manages Elon Musk’s family office Excession LLC and his personal affairs. Birchall has been managing Musk’s Family Office as a managing director since March 2016. Jared Birchall net worth is estimated to be over $1 million as of 2023.

Full Name Jared Birchall
Age 47/48
Birthplace America
Profession Managing Director
Wife Laura
Net Worth $1 million

Early life

Jared Birchall was born in the United States of America. His real date of birth is not known yet. Jared is stated to be around 47 or 48 years of age. He attended Brigham Young University in 1992 and graduated with a BA degree in 1999.

Jared Birchall Net Worth & Career

Birchall started off his career working as a financial analyst at the investment banking company, Goldman Sachs. He worked in an investment company for a year until 2000. Birchall then started working as a private wealth advisor, PBIG for Merrill Lynch. He served at the investment management company for over 10 years. Surprisingly, he was fired by the investment company for conduct resulting in management’s loss of confidence.

After ending his association with Merrill Lynch in February 2010, he became associated with Morgan Stanley as a Senior Vice President, PWM. There, he worked for over six years until February 2016.

Jared joined Elon Musk’s Family Office, Excession LLC in March 2016. He has been serving as the Managing Director of the company to date. In addition, Jared is the CEO of Musk’s other company, Neuralink. Birchall was named as executive and director of Musk’s tunneling company, The Boring Company in a 2018 SECL filing report.

Birchall is mostly in limelight for being the right-hand man of Elon Musk. In 2019, he was described as one of the two close people to Musk who runs his family office and manages his massive fortune. However, Musk has not provided any detail in the second person. Birchall hired a private investigator to conduct an investigation on a British diver who made criticism over Musk’s idea of using the mini-submarine, SpaceX to rescue a boy’s soccer team. The soccer boys were known to be trapped in a Thailand cave.

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The British diver eventually sued Elon Musk for defamation after Musk called him a pedo guy. According to a report, Jared has helped Musk on his recent $44 billion takeover bid of Twitter. He previously came into the news after telling the associate that Twitter’s previous decision to band Donald Trump over the January 6 Capitol riot was insane. Birchall was known to be the main guy who was leading the negotiations with many investors who made commitments to put down over $7 billion in equity to purchase Twitter.

Personal Life

Jared Birchall is known to be married to a lady named Laura. He has been married to his wife Laura for over 13 years. Birchall reportedly has five kids with Laura. His eldest son named Benjamin is reported to be 23 years old. Jared’s wife, Laura is listed to be working as a director of the Bryant Family Foundation according to the list of public records.

Birchall is also handling Musk’s hectic personal schedule. He is likewise responsible for hiring nannies to care for Elon Musk’s kids. In addition, he arranges private jets and manages security detail for the world’s richest man, Musk.

Jared Birchall Net Worth

Jared Birchall’s personal wealth is estimated to be more than $1 million as of 2023. Although his salary is unclear, his estimated annual salary is assumed to be between $1 to $3 million. Birchall reportedly owns a $4 million worth five-bedroom mansion in Destiny Hills suburb west of Austin.

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