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Ken Goldin Net Worth: How Rich is the “King of Collectibles”?



Ken Goldin Net Worth

Ken Goldin is an American business executive and pioneer leader in the memorabilia industry. He is the founder and Executive Chairman at Goldin Auctions, the industry leader in Sports and Entertainment collectibles. As of 2023, Ken Goldin has an estimated net worth of $50 million.

Full Name Ken Goldin
Birth Date August 18, 1965/57 years old
Birth Place Voorhees, New Jersey
Profession Business executive
Wife Jenn Goldin
Net Worth $50 million

Early life

Ken Goldin was born in Voorhees, New Jersey on August 18, 1965. He had an interest in business from a very young age. In 1985, he graduated from the George Washington University School of Business. Then, he joined Drexel University and studied Business Administration and Management.

Ken Goldin Net Worth and Career


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Ken Goldin was 13 when he began trading and selling basketball cards. He would pay his college expenses from the amount he earned through selling cards. In 1986, he started the company, Score Board Inc. with his father, Paul.

Goldin was still studying at University when he started the company, The Score Board Inc. At mere 20 years of age, along with his dad, he would sign the known players to exclusive autograph contracts. Then, the father son duo would paid them a fee that they earned from reselling autographed cards at a markup.

Goldin served at the company until 1997 and established Goldin Sports Inc in January 1998. Goldin Sports became a powerhouse as the memorabilia industry was becoming very popular. With that, Goldin grew as an incredible businessman who was dealing in only the memorabilia industry.

Goldin has sold over a billion dollars worth of collectibles and he has done many famous deals. He sold a Mike Trout Bowman rookie card for $3.9 billion and a Kobe Bryant jersey for a staggering price of $3.69 million. In 2021, Goldin revealed in an interview that his company, Goldin Auctions would make $500 million in sales in a year.

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Goldin Auctions currently has annual sales of over $300 million. The company stands as the official auction house for several organizations such as the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, the Jackie Robinson Foundation, the Major League Baseball Players Alumni Association, and the Babe Ruth Museum.

Ken has recently been featured in the Netflix new show titled King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch. Through the series, the viewers got to know the untold story of his lucrative empire. The six episodes series streamed on Netflix on April 28.

The series features sales of some rare collectibles such as Jackie Robinson’s Dodgers jersey and an original Apple I computer. Along with Goldin, the football quarterback, Peyton Manning is also expected to be making an appearance in the Netflix series. The show is produced by Pawn Stars produced by Brent Montgomery, and Connor Schell, the co-founder of ESPN’s 30 for 30 series.

Personal Life

Ken Goldin is married to Jenn Goldin. Even though he has kept all details about his personal life under wraps, it seems as if the pair have built a wonderful family together. Ken and Jenn share three kids named Laura, Paul, and Carleigh. Goldin can also be seen sharing posts with his family on Instagram, @kengoldin.

Ken Goldin Net Worth

As of 2023, Ken Gole din has an estimated net worth of $50 million. He has been involved in some of the record-breaking deals, including a limited edition LeBron James card for $2.4 million and a Mike Trout’s rookie card worth $3.93 million.

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