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Maurizio Mian Net Worth: How Rich is Maurizio from Gunther Millions?



Maurizio Mian Net Worth

Maurizio Mian is an Italian pharmaceutical heir who currently serves as the CEO of The Gunther Corporation. He is famous for using his German Shepherd, Gunther for his investments in property, sports clubs, and media publications. Mian claimed to be the caretaker of a wealthy line of German Shepherds named Gunther. As of 2023, Maurizio Mian net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

Who is Maurizio Mian?

Full Name Maurizio Mian
Date of Birth March 25, 1956
Age 66 years old
Born Place Pisa, Italy
Profession Entrepreneur, Pharmaceutical heir
Net Worth $20 million
Ex-wife Carla Riccitelli

Maurizio Mian is an entrepreneur and caretaker of millionaire German Shepherd, Gunther VI. Mian claimed that the dog, Gunther VI inherited vast wealth from a German countess, Karlotta Liebenstein to his Gunther III and his descendants when she passed away in 1992.

Maurizio Mian was born in March 1956 in Pisa, Italy. His mother’s name is Maria Gabriella Gentilli, she died at 82 years of age in June 2011. He was the only child of his parents. His mom was a pharmacologist and his father was a University professor.

Mian followed in his parent’s footsteps and graduated from medical school. Later, he evolved into an educator and worked as a lecturer. Though, when he reached 37 years of age, he quit his notable lecturer job. Then, he focused on his family business as a trained pharmacologist.

Maurizio Mian Net Worth & Career

In his earlier days, Mian spent some time in England to study under Dr. J. A. Kanis, who was the President of the European Osteoporosis Foundation. He returned in the mid-1980s. At that time, he worked as a researcher at Istituto Gentili which was established by his great-grandfather.

While working as a researcher, he helped develop a cure for osteoporosis. Mian, who was young at that time was successful to identify a new class of drugs to care for the disorder. His findings later helped heal his then-girlfriend, Antonell a Signorinit, pet, Gunther III.

Soon after, he took the family pharmaceutical firm to a new height of success. In 1997, the US giant Merck & Co bought a significant majority of Istituto Gentili’s stock. By that time, Mian had become Gunther’s bloodline’s handler. It was then that the hoax of German Shepherd inheriting a Countess’ $400 million fortune began. However, it is believed that the actual amount came from the Mian family.

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As a caretaker of Gunther IV, Maurizio has purchased real estate, media publications, and sports teams. However, in reality, the German Shepherd is just a figurehead of his own interests/investments. Nonetheless, it is known that Gunther IV has legal ownership of the entire empire that’s worth close to $500 million.

Maurizio also received self-authorized compensation for his primary role of managing the estate. He came into the limelight after Netflix premiered new series titled Gunther’s Millions on February 1. The documentary series centers around a German Shepherd, Gunther who purportedly received a $400 million inheritance from German Countess, Karlotta Liebenstein.

The Netflix series plans to examine the bizarre hoax perpetuated by Mian who claimed that his dog, Gunther VI controlled a whopping fortune worth $400 million. The trailer of the four-part series dropped on February 1 hints at revealing a cult-like home that is filled with attractive young people who worked for the so-called millionaire dog.

Maurizio’s tale of the dogs is reportedly supported by a multi-million dollar trust that was set up by German countess, Karlotta Liebenstein. She reportedly set up the trust when she passed away in 1992 to care for her German Shepherd, Gunther III, and his progeny.

Maurizio Mian’s Wife & Personal Life

Maurizio Mian was married to Carla Riccitelli. The two met first time in 1993 when Carla was working at an advertising company to cover their incredible tale to riches stories. Later, they end up falling in love and tied the knot. They became parents of a son named Gunther in 1995.

Carla was the one who insisted on naming their son Gunther. She has even made a tattoo of the name, Gunther on her right collarbone. Carla was a member/lead of the Burgundians entertainment group and participated in every activity of the group. The pair reportedly parted ways ages ago with no reconciliation. 

Maurizio Mian Net Worth

Maurizio Mian has earned an estimated net worth of $20 million as of 2023. The majority income comes from his family business, entrepreneurial endeavors, and by working as a pharmacologist.

According to a statement released by Netflix, Mian built a huge empire on behalf of his canine boss including glamorous real estate purchases and controversial social experiments, which is referred to as one of the biggest tax fraud schemes of all time.

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