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Mimi Morris Net Worth: How Rich is ‘Bling Empire’ Star Actually?



Mimi Morris Net Worth

Mimi Morris is an American model, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She is best known for her appearance as the new cast member in the second season of the Netflix series, Bling Empire. The first season of the Netflix premiered in January 2021 and followed a cast of wealthy socialites in Los Angeles. The second season of Bling Empire returned to the luxurious world on May 13. Mimi Morris net worth is still not known and is under review at the moment.

Full Name Mimi Morris
Age 53
Birthplace Vietnam
Profession Entrepreneur, model
Husband Donald “Don” Morris
Net Worth Under Review

Early life

Mimi Morris was born in Vietnam. She is stated to be 53 years old. It is known that she grew up in a tough situation at the height of the Vietnam war. When she was 7, the war broke into her village. At that time, she and her seven siblings were not able to the left the village and find a safe place. For two years, they lived in a large hole in the ground with very little food and water.

Mimi Morris Net Worth & Career


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Morris’ life changed after she moved to the United States. In the initial phase, she worked as a model for the various brands. Then she turned into an entrepreneur and started her own business. Mimi began appearing as a new cast member on the second season of the Netflix show “Bling Empire”. The second season started premiering on May 13, 2022.

Mimi seems to be sharing a good bond with season 1 cast member, Christine Chiu. She was eventually introduced to Christine by Cherie Chan. Mimi is described as a firecracker by Christine, who meant that everything Mimi says makes you happy. Netflix claimed that despite her lush life, Mimi never lost her work ethic and strong survival skills in the face of adversity. She is also mentioned as light-hearted, joyful, and witty by Netflix.

Morris perfectly fits the Netflix show as it centers around the lives, drama, and escapades of extremely rich people. In the second season trailer, the audience got a quick snipped of her where she showed her an engagement ring.

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In an Instagram bio, Mimi has described herself as a philanthropist. Even though she stated that she owns her own business, there is no detail available on her said business. Mimi also likes to model and she often shares the recent picture on Instagram posing in designer duds. She has even posed with a Chanel surfboard.

Mimi Morris’ Husband & Personal Life


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Mimi Morris is married to the CEO of Morris Group International company, Donald “Don” Morris. Don’s company specializes in manufacturing productions for the non-residential construction markets. It is known that Mimi and Don have been together for nearly 10 years. As of now, they are parenting three kids together.

Mimi’s husband, Don is a graduate of the University of Southern California. He received an MBA from the University in 1969. Then, he worked with the company, Elmco, which founded the Morris Group International. After some, he started working for the Acorn Engineering Company taking over a leadership role. In 1985, his hard work pays off after he was made the President of the company.

Don continued to achieve success and his hard work was finally awarded in 2003 after he was made the CEO of the Acorn Engineering Company. In 2010, he bought the whole company under the name, Morris Group International, and now he is associated with the company as CEO.

Mimi Morris Net Worth

Mimi Morris’ personal wealth is estimated to be around $200 million as of 2023. However, her exact net worth value has not been made public yet. As per the reports, Mimi and her husband, Don shares a combined net worth of over $1 billion. Mimi and Don own and live in an $8.8 million worth house in the gated community of Strand in California.

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