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Paul Boukadakis Net Worth: How Rich is Ana de Armas’ Boyfriend?



Paul Boukadakis Net Worth

Paul Boukadakis is an American technology and media entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and CEO of the video-sharing app, Wheel, which was acquired by Tinder in 2017. After the acquisition, he became VP of special initiatives at Tinder. Paul is better known for being the confirmed boyfriend of Cuban-Spanish actress, Ana de Armas. Paul Boukadakis net worth is roughly $20 million as of 2023.

Full Name Paul Boukadakis
Date of Birth February 9, 1984
Birthplace Tulsa, Oklahoma
Profession Tech/media entrepreneur
Girlfriend Ana de Armas
Net Worth $20 million

Early life

Paul Boukadakis was born on the 9th of February, 1984 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was born to Michael Boukadakis and Paula Francis Wagner. His father is the founder of the IT company, ENACOMM. For his study, he joined Bishop Kelley High School.

Paul grew up with three siblings named Autumn, Joey, and Sunny. His brother, Joey is the founder of the creative strategy advisory firm, General Specific. And one of his sisters, Autumn is an interior designer, who owns the Spindle Design Co.

As an entrepreneur deeply involved in technology, Paul Boukadakis has shown a keen interest in emerging trends, including the Future of Cryptocurrency. His innovative approach and foresight in tech ventures suggest he may explore this dynamic field further, potentially shaping his next big move in the tech industry.

Paul Boukadakis Net Worth & Career

Paul Boukadakis and Ana de Armas

Boukadakis co-founded the L. A. bases startup, Wheel in 2015. Back then, the name of the startup was Ferris. Paul co-founded the company with Chris Shaheen, who worked as CTO. His brother, Joey Boukadakis and Brian Daughter are also two other co-founders of the video-sharing app. They founded the app to make mobile videos easier, fun, and watchable. In 2015, the company raised $2 million from Upfront Ventures.

However, the video-sharing, Wheel failed to get a breakout success. The app had 5000 downloads in total and was ranked 574 in the App Store’s Photo & Video category. The company was acquired by Tinder in 2017, and then the founding team along with Boukadakis, Chris Shaheen, Brian Daugherty, and Joey Boukadakis joined Twitter.

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Paul became the Vice President of Special Initiatives at Tinder, while another co-founder, Shaheen took over a senior role in the engineering Team. Along with Wheel, he also co-founded the streaming app, OnAirstreaming.

In addition to his involvement as a tech entrepreneur, he dedicates his time to the movie industry. Paul has directed and produced many music videos and commercials. According to several news outlets, he started working in the entertainment industry in 2007. His first movie appearance came in the short movie, Rushers, which was directed by his brother, Joey.

Then, he continued to appear in other movies and TV series such as Dinner with Raphael, A Fuchsia Elephant, and Dangerous Worry Dolls. Along with that, he has produced various short movies such as The Snow Monster, and Lucy in the Sky with Diamond.

Personal Life

Paul Boukadakis came into the limelight after he began a relationship with the famous actress, Ana de Armas. According to reports, he is dating Armas since July 2021. The pair was spotted first time together in September 2021 at JFK airport. Just after a few days, Boukadakis enjoyed an evening out with Ana de Armas at The Ivy in London.

Paul was introduced to Armas through his friends. Since their first meeting, things between them are going well. Paul has even introduced the Cuban actress to some members of his family. Prior dating to Paul, Ana was in a relationship with actor, Ben Affleck. Ana apparently revealed that she left Los Angeles due to horrible attention on her past relationship with Ben. Ana and Ben parted ways in January 2021.

Paul Boukadakis Net Worth

Paul Boukadakis’ personal wealth is estimated to be around $20 million as of 2023. He has gathered a vast chunk of money from his work experience as a tech and media entrepreneur.

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