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Sam Altman Net Worth: How Rich is OpenAI’s CEO Actually?



Sam Altman Net Worth

Sam Altman is an entrepreneur best known as the CEO of OpenAI. He is also the founder of Worldcoin and co-founder of Loopt. As of 2023, Sam Altman net worth is estimated to be around $2 billion.

Who is Sam Altman?

Full Name Samuel H. Altman
Date of Birth April 22, 1985
Age 37 years old
Born Place Chicago, Illinois
Profession Entrepreneur
Net Worth $2 billion
Relationship Status Single

Sam Altman is an investor, programmer, and entrepreneur from Chicago. At age 19, he co-founded a social networking mobile application, Loopt in 2005. Though, the application failed to get traction and was shut down in 2012. Altman became the president of Y Combinator in February 2014. He is currently working as the CEO of a capped-profit research company, OpenAI.

Sam Altman was born in Chicago, Illinois on April 22, 1985, . He spent his early days in St. Louis, Missouri. Not much is known about his upbringing and parents. Though it is known that his mom is a dermatologist. Regarding his education, he studied at John Burroughs School. Then, he attended Stanford University. However, he dropped out of the University in 2005.

Sam Altman Net Worth & Career

Sam Altman was eight years old when he received his first computer. When he reached 19, he co-founded a location-based social networking mobile application, Loopt. Sam was able to raise over $30 million in venture capital for the company. However, the company failed and shut down in 2012.

Later, the company was acquired for $43.4 million by the Green Dot Corporation. In 2011, he became a part-time partner at a startup company, Y Combinator. After three years, he was named president of the company. In September 2014, Sam announced that he would take over as YC Group’s president.

Altman came up with the announcement of a growth-stage equity fund, YC Continuity in October 2015. That same month, he announced a non-profit research lab, Y Combinator Research. In 2008, Businessweek magazine named him as one of the Best Young Entrepreneurs in Technology.

In March 2019, Sam announced that he would be transitioning into a Chairman position to focus on Open AI. The announcement came after YC revealed that it would be moving its headquarters to San Francisco. Apart from being the president and CEO of startup companies, he has been investing in companies such as Reddit, Teespring, Shoptiques, Soylent, and Retro Biosciences.

In 2014, Alman became the CEO of Reddit for eight days after CEO Yishan Wong resigned from his post. Sam is currently working as the CEO of OpenAI, aiming to advance artificial intelligence in a way that would benefit humanity as a whole. The company was launched in 2015 and raised $1 billion from outside funders.

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On March 24, 2023, the OpenAI CEO revealed that he has not taken any equity in the company when it became for-profit. Altman further revealed not having equity in the company would keep him aligned with its mission since OpenAI was not meant to make money.

OpenAI was founded by Altman along with Tesla CEO, Elon Musk as a non-profit AI research company in 2015. However, at that time, Musk had warned that AI was the biggest existential threat to humanity. Recently, the Tesla founder, Musk has been spending a lot of time attacking popular chatbot ChatGPT for deviating from OpenAI’s original non-profit mission.

On March 23, Altman appeared on the podcast called On With Kara Swisher and defended his organization against Musk’s voluble criticism. The OpenAI CEO also called Musk a jerk, who left its board in 2018 saying that his work conflicted with Tesla’s growth into artificial intelligence.

In March 2023, Altman revealed that he is scared that ChatGPT could be used for large-scale disinformation and offensive cyberattacks. He also confirmed that ChatGPT experienced a significant issue and a small percentage of users were able to view other users’ chat histories. The issue also raised the company’s privacy concerns and its data use.

Sam Altman’s Wife & Personal Life

Sam Altman is not dating anyone at the moment. He openly admitted to being gay since he came out in his teen years. Altman previously dated his Loopt co-founder, Nick Sivo, for 9 years. However, they broke up shortly after the Green Dot Corporation acquired the company.

Altman was speculated to be running for Governor of California in the 2018 election. However, he did not enter the election. Instead, he launched a political movement, The United Slate in 2018, focusing on fixing housing and healthcare policy.

Sam Altman Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Sam Altman’s net worth is around $2 billion. The OpenAI CEO has also been involved in philanthropy works. He helped create Project Covalence during the COVID-19 pandemic with the aim of helping researchers launch clinical trials.

Altman also gave money to multiple startups after Silicon Valley Bank collapsed in March 2023. Sam also donated $250 thousand to American Bridge 21st Centuy in may 2020, supporting Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

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