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The Best AI Essay Writer Free In 2023



Essay writing is hard to quantify as either an art or a science. We know that there are certain ingredients that a writer needs to make one, such as relevant information and its organization. However, certain aspects of essay writing seem mystical and intangible. These include aesthetic appeal and other elements that add value to the final text. When students write essays, they want to score the highest possible marks in class. We all know that they often struggle with nailing down all the details of the task, resulting in poor scores and overall poor academic performance. This is where an AI essay writer, like, can make all the difference!

AI Essay Writers 101

Before we discuss how AI essay writers work, let us go through the mechanics of a professional essay writing company. Before the rage of AI and ML in generative models, students would hire one of the best essay writing services in the USA to get their essays and papers. They have expert writers and editors to do the heavy lifting and deliver a submission-ready paper before the deadline.

However, AI essay writers do everything that a human writer can do but faster and better. Since the development has taken off, we have tools that can research and outline a complete essay in a matter of seconds. Once this is out of the way, you can fill the headings and subheadings with relevant content by asking the model turn by turn. 

How An AI Essay Writer Works

An AI essay writer is built on complex neural networks that help the writer understand commands and then build the whole output on it. For example, if you ask the tool to write you a complete essay on “Slavery”, it will do a poor job because it has a very broad area of research to handle. Instead, specify your task by setting timelines spaces, and other parameters. This way, the tool can understand your requirements better and produce output on it.

Advantages of Using AI Essay Writers

There are more advantages to using AI than we can cover in a single post. Since it has come to the scene, students cannot have enough of these marvels. In this section, we will shed some light on the most obvious things about AI essay writers.


Before writing an essay, you need to outline it first. It helps with defining the scope of the essay and lets the writer know what to write under a specific heading. If you do not outline before writing, there are healthy chances that you will get stuck in the middle of the essay. AI can do this task much better and faster thanks to its quick analytical and deployability levels.

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Perhaps the most visible thing about using AI essay writers is that they are extremely fast. If you minus the time that you need to give prompts to a model, it can write around 1000 words in five minutes. This is truly a feat of engineering that students can employ and get better grades.


In the earlier days of generative AI, the tools were not correct by a big margin. This resulted in poor text with ridiculous iteration and application of context and other nuances in writing. But today is a different picture. Now, AI has become much more aggressive in analyzing the text and making sure that it matches the user intent across the board.


Essays and papers are not about what they have on the surface. Students need to delve deeper into subjects and ideas to make sure that they have cracked the code of the essay question. In the formative years of academic training, students often lack the depth of ideas and words that these AI essay writers can bring forth for them.

How To Take Advantage of An AI Essay Writer

It might seem ridiculous to you that after going through the advantages of AI essay writers, we have a dedicated section on how to take advantage of these tools. but, you can indeed make your experience much better by approaching these AI essay writers differently and more pragmatically.

Specific Instructions Through Prompts

As covered in the earlier sections, telling the AI tool what you want with the output is a great way to improve your experience. Getting back to the earlier example, simply mentioning “Slavery” is not enough. You should give information like “Slavery in America and its effects on modern urban culture” so that the tool knows what you are looking for.

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Feed Information To Make It Better

Almost all the AI essay makers have menus and dialogue boxes where you can feed relevant information to the tool so that it can analyze and learn from it. Based on that, you can give a specific piece to the tool to learn and then write a new paper based on the traits of that paper or essay.

Always Proofread The Text From The AI Essay Writer

Many students make the mistake of pasting the complete paper from AI essay writers and then submitting it for evaluation. The tool might be good but it is not that good that you do not have to proofread and edit it after it is done with the assignment. To make sure that you end up with solid grades, you should set aside time for dedicated revision of the text.

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