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What are the Main Water Polo Competitions in 2024?



The game of water polo takes place between two teams of players. Players try to score goals by getting a ball into the goal at the other end of the pool. The team with the most goals at the end wins the match. The players must stay afloat throughout the game and can only hold the ball with one hand. It’s an energetic, fast-paced sport that many people enjoy watching. Many prestigious tournaments throughout the year showcase the skills of the best water polo teams. 

FINA World League

The FINA World League is governed by the International Swimming Federation and is a key event for national teams. It has preliminary rounds and a Super Final, where the top teams compete for the title. Countries like the United States, Serbia, and Italy perform strongly in this event. 

Water polo’s popularity is continuing to gain traction in the U.S. The legality of online sports betting now gives fans the opportunity to place bets on water polo events at online sportsbooks. 

LEN Champions League 

LEN is French for Ligue Européenne de Natation. It is the governing body for the most important competition in Europe for water polo clubs. 

The year opens with the LEN European Championships on January 3rd, 2024. March is an exciting month filled with many different LEN events. From 13th to 14th April are women’s and men’s final four events. In August and September, the LEN European Under 19 Water Polo Championships for women and men occur.  

NCAA Water Polo Championship

The NCAA Championship takes place annually in the United States. The top men’s and women’s collegiate water polo teams participate in this event. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) men’s team won the 2023 event, and they have now won it for three years straight. It beat UCLA to claim the 17th national title in the history of the program. 

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National Championships in different countries

National water polo championships occur annually in different countries. With a strong history in water polo, Hungary produces some great talent and fares well in international water polo. 

Pro Recco, one of Europe’s most successful water polo clubs, tends to dominate the Italian National Water Polo Championship. Professional water polo players who play for top clubs can earn as much as rich golfers known for their wealth. 

Historic water polo clubs in France, such as Montpelier, Strasbourg, and Marseilles, compete in the French National water polo competition yearly. They have made a mark on the competition and helped to nurture polo talent. 

The Spanish National Competition plays a role in encouraging young water polo players in the country. Clubs such as CN Sabadell, CN Barcelona, and Barceloneta have had an impact on the popularity of water polo in the country. 

In Greece, historic water polo clubs like Vouliagmeni, Panionios, and Olympiacos perform consistently well in the national competition. 

Other significant water polo competitions

A number of significant water polo competitions don’t take place on an annual basis. The World Aquatics Championships feature men’s and women’s competitions every two years. Countries like the United States, Serbia, and Hungary tend to dominate the event. 

The Pan American Games occur every four years, and teams from North, South, and Central America compete in water polo games. This competition is a stepping stone for teams that want to qualify for the Olympics.

The Asian and Mediterranean Games also take place every four years. Heated rivalries among powerhouse teams characterize these water polo competitions. 

The Olympic Games take place every four years. They represent the pinnacle of international water polo competitions. Teams from all over the world take part in the highly competitive games. Hungary is one of the most successful nations at the Olympics, especially its men’s team. 


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