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What’s the Social Games Industry Worth?



The entertainment industry is on the cusp of something big. An exciting new phenomenon is sweeping across the gaming world, and players are standing up and taking notice. The global social casino scene is bursting at the seams, enjoying unprecedented growth as its appeal reaches far and wide.

Social casino games present identically to traditional, in-person casino attractions, with important distinctions. For one thing, the new model utilizes in-game currency known as gold coins. Of course, these virtual gold coins do not correlate with the gold price, financial markets, or supply and demand.

Indeed, the future-oriented concept of a social casino is innately appealing to many players. It is, first and foremost, a social venue where fans of classic slots, video slots, and jackpot slots can congregate in an online milieu and enjoy themselves. It’s a social casino setting where sharing, participating, and communicating with community members is the order of the day. Naturally, this new model is built on a novel monetization system, and it’s growing fast.

Plenty of statistics detail the size of the social casino market from 2014 to now and beyond. In 2014, global social casino revenues topped out at $3 billion. That figure has steadily climbed yearly, amassing billions of dollars in gross gambling revenue (GGR) in the 10 short years since inception. Let’s take a look at the size of the global social casino market:

  • 2014 – $3 billion revenue
  • 2015 – $3.4 billion revenue
  • 2016 – $4 billion revenue
  • 2017 – $4.3 billion revenue
  • 2018 – $4.7 billion revenue
  • 2019 – $4.9 billion revenue
  • 2020 – $6.2 billion revenue
  • 2021 – $6.3 billion revenue
  • 2022 – $6.8 billion revenue
  • 2023 – $7.1 billion revenue
  • 2024 – $7.5 billion expected revenue
  • 2025 – $7.9 billion expected revenue 
  • 2026 – $8.3 billion expected revenue

These figures encompass the entire industry, with major operators leading the way. One of the premier up-and-coming new kids on the block is HelloMillions social casino. This established site showcases an exciting selection of online games within the ambit of an engaging social scene. Players are thrust into an interactive arena with daily deals, bonuses, tournaments, and attractions galore. It’s a thriving hub of fast-paced excitement, HD audio-visual elements, and authentic Vegas-esque entertainment.

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The pandemic is a big part of why social casinos were catapulted into the spotlight in 2020 and beyond. Many leading providers of social casino games went public during that time, with IPOs and tremendous fanfare. The appeal of social casinos has enticed a new generation of app developers, gaming companies, and the burgeoning mobile social casino market. While 2023 invariably saw a slowdown, with reduced year-on-year growth, steady interest in this arena is set to continue.

Social casino companies are seeing an increased move to diversify their portfolios beyond card games and social slot games. We see plenty of crossover action on mobile devices, with gold coin-style attractions drumming up interest among players. Many leading social casinos offer players generous welcome bonuses in a user-friendly platform with dedicated mobile apps. 

With hundreds of games, these social gaming havens offer streamlined registrations, an authentic gaming experience, and a no-purchase promotional offer. Since the legal gaming age is 18, this new entertainment scene includes a massive demographic of players that would otherwise be lost in the 18 – 21-year-old age group.

With multiple gold coin packages available, sites like HelloMillions can monetize their entertainment selections while maintaining a no-gambling operation for players. This dovetails as responsible and affordable gaming for players since daily deals and promotional offers can help players top up GC balances. With KYC and AML compliance, the leading social casinos are making dramatic strides across Europe and the Americas.


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