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Lee Murray Net Worth: How Rich is MMA Fighter & Criminal?



Lee Murray Net Worth

Lee Murray is an English-Morrocan MMA fighter and criminal. He is best known for his involvement in the UK’s largest cash heist of over £53 million. He was arrested in June 2006 and was sentenced to ten years in prison in June 2010. Lee Murray net worth at the time of his arrest is estimated to be around $500 thousand.

Who is Lee Murray?

Full Name Lee Brahim Murray-Lamrani
Date of Birth November 12, 1977
Age 45 years old
Born Place Greenwich, London
Profession MMA fighter
Net Worth $500 thousand
Wife Nicola

Lee Murray is an MMA fighter from London. His MMA career was cut short after being stabbed multiple times outside a nightclub in 2005. Murray was arrested in June 2006 for stealing cash banknotes of over £53 million belonging to the Bank of England. The documentary based on Murray’s life, Catching Lightning premiered on Showtime on April 9, 2023.

Lee Murray was born in Greenwich, London on November 12, 1977 His mother, Barbara Murray was a hairdresser and his dad, Brahim was a kitchen hand. Lee was initially brought up by his mom while his dad was working in the Canary Islands. His parents later married and moved to England in 1984.

Lee has a younger sister named Rkia. Regarding his education, he studied at Foxfield Primary School. Later, he attended Eaglesfield Boys School where he met his best friend, Paul Allen. At that time, he was a sub-par student who was more interested in football. He was later expelled from school and then joined Woolwich Polytechnic School.

Lee Murray Net Worth & Career

Lee Murray was earlier a member of a Barnfield Estate gang, who used to steal drugs and supply drugs in many parts. He later became a notorious London drug dealer who employed his best friend, Paul Allen as his right-hand man. During that time, Lee showed his violent side by selling drugs where he would make sure customers pay.

Murray also used to punch random people in the street. He also used to harass a man running a local corner shop. Lee was later sentenced to a term at Feltham Young Offenders Institution. At that time, he devoted energy to the gym and drank weight-gain shakes.

Lee was introduced to MMA after dodging arrest by police. In December 1999, he competed in his first fight at an event, Millennium Brawl. His first opponent was Rob Hudson and surprisingly, he knocked him out in the first round.

After his first fight, he started training seriously and attended two gyms for wrestling and boxing. In 2000, he had four professional fights including an encounter with Mike Tomlinson. In June 2000, he defeated Chris Albania in the first round. After defeating Albandia, he advanced to the second round of the tournament.

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Murray’s next fight came against Danny Rushton on July 9. In March 2001, he fought to a draw against cruiserweight boxer, Chris Bacon. Lee again knocked his opponent in the first round. Following then, he fought future UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, in September 2004. Unfortunately, he lost the title to Silva by unanimous decision.

Murray also fought in UFC where his first opponent was retired MMA fighter, Jorge Rivera. He was moreover famous for his involvement in a robbery case of over £53 million. Lee was arrested at a shopping center for suspected involvement in the robbery in June 2006. He was later convicted of the £53 million crime in a Morrocan court in June 2010.

Lee was sentenced to 10 years in jail in Morrocco. Later, on November 30, 2010, his sentence was extended to 25 years. He is currently being held at a jail in Tifelt. On April 9, Showtime premiered the documentary series titled Catching Lightening, which revolves around Lightning Lee Murray.

Lee Murray’s Wife & Personal Life

Lee Murray is married twice. His first marriage was with Siobhan Rowlings, whom he met while attending Foxfield Primary School. Rowlings was three years junior to him. The pair had their first kid, Lilly Jane in December 1998. After two years, they tied the knot on November 24, 2000.

Lee and Siobhan separated in the late 200s when he was imprisoned in Morroco. He was captured in the Securitas depot robbery by Morroco police when Sobhian went to see him. However, she was unaware that the British authorities were following her.

Murray married his second wife, Nicola while he was serving a 25-year sentence in Morroco. They were friends when Lee was competing in MMA events. Nicole became closer to Lee after he separated from Siobhan. He has the youngest son, Lorenzo with Nicole.

Meanwhile, Lee and his wife, Nicole are positive about their future. In fact, Nicole believed that she will continue to wait and reunite with Murray along with their son. In the documentary series, Catching Lightning, Nicole said that she will wait every year of the next 12 years if she has to.

Lee Murray Net Worth

Lee Murray earned an estimated net worth of $500 thousand before he was arrested in June 2010. His total net worth earning is calculated based on his MMA appearances and wins. Lee has won two-thirds of his professional matches while competing in English MMA events.

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