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Nick Prugo Net Worth: How Rich is the ‘Bling Ring’ Member?



Nick Prugo Net Worth

Nick Prugo is a notorious burglar who is a former member of the Bling Ring. Prugo and other Bling Ring members are infamous for stealing over $3 million in cash and belongings from Hollywood’s A-list stars. As of 2023, Nick Prugo net worth is roughly around $300 thousand.

Who is Nick Prugo?

Full Name Nick Prugo
Birthday/Age 1991/31 years
Birthplace United States
Profession Thief
Husband Per Norgo
Net Worth $300 thousand

Nick Prugo is an American notorious Bling Ring thief. The infamous group consists of Rachel Lee, Diana Tamayo, and Alexis Neiers. Prugo has been the center of the attraction in the Netflix documentary series “The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist”.

Prugo was the first of the group who confessed to the robberies and was arrested. Nick served one year of his 2-year sentence in jail after he plead no contest to the burglaries at Audrina Patridge and Lindsay Lohan’s home.

Nick Purgo was born in 1991 in Los Angeles, United States. Not much is unveiled regarding his upbringing, early life, and parents. Neither there is any detail available on his education. Nevertheless, he is supposed to have studied at a convent school and earned a bachelor’s degree.

Nick Purgo Net Worth and How He made money?

Nick Prugo has been in the limelight after a Netflix series, The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist premiered on September 201. The documentary features all the events that took place in 2009. Prugo himself narrated all the incidents in the documentary series. The Netflix series is based on the infamous burglaries committed by Purgo, Rachel Lee, Courtney Ames, Diana Tamayo, and Alexis Neiers.

The group of thieves is infamous for robbing the homes of Hollywood celebrities of an estimated $3 million in cash, jewelry, and possessions. Some of the famous celebrities were Lindsay Lohan from Mean Girls, Orlando from Pirates of the Caribbean, and TV personality, Audrina Patridge. According to reports, the group’s first victim was Paris Hilton. The well-known actress’ house was robbed by the group in December 2008.

Prugo describes himself as a young, impressionable, and lost kid who was clinging to an escape from lives that he felt was not good enough for him. Nick and Alexis Neirs were considered the main face of The Bling Ring. Though Prugo considers himself the leader of the group and it bothers him when Neirs was considered the real mastermind and leader of the group to the public.

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Prugo was also unhappy with Israel Broussard, who played his character in The Bling Ring film adaptation. Nick was the first from the group who was arrested and caught. After being caught by police, he decided to cooperate with the authorities in solving the mysterious case. At first, he accepted all his crimes and later tried to make amend with other victims. Prugo also returned all the stuff that he had robbed from the celebrities.

Nick was called a rat by his former gang members for committing his crimes and trying to help authorities. However, he revealed that it doesn’t bother him what other gang members think of him as he was just trying to make amends and do the right thing. In one of his interviews, Prugo shared that he admitted his crimes as he felt there was a thrill to it. Nick also felt that he was under peer pressure all the time as he was trying to please his gang members whom he trusted most.

Prugo and his gang members initially spent one and half years on making their heist spree plans. In the beginning, they started with small stuff such as cars and other little things. Later on, the little things escalated to houses, and eventually, they reached robbing the house of celebrities.

Who is Nick Prugo’s Wife?

Nick Prugo is currently married to a Swedish entrepreneur, Per Norgo. As per the reports, he exchanged wedding vows with his partner, Per Norgo on November 28, 2017. Their wedding ceremony was held at a beach in Carmel by the Sea. Nick and his beloved husband, Norgo have been taking a strong stand for the betterment of LGBTQ community members.

What is Nick Prugo’s Net Worth?

Nick Prugo’s personal wealth is estimated to be around $300 thousand as of 2023. Prugo filed for bankruptcy in a Californian court in March 2018 as he owed over $120,000. In addition, he also owed debts to a number of credit card companies including over $20,000 to American Express and Chase Bank.

Prugo stated that he only has a 2005 Toyota Cambry worth around $3,500 as his only assets, and clothing, electronics, and jewelry worth $2,800. Previously, he also stated to be unemployed and was relying on a $2700 handout that was passed to him from his family.

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