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Stormi Steele Net Worth: How Rich is Canvas Beauty’s CEO?



Stormi Steele Net Worth

Stormi Steele is an American beauty founder who founded and works as a CEO of Canvas Beauty Brand. She is also a reality star who is known for her appearance in the reality series, Love and Marriage Huntsville. As of 2022, Stormi Steele net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

Who is Stormi Steele?

Full Name Stormi Steele
Date of Birth 1989
Age 33 years old
Born place United States
Profession Businesswoman
Net Worth (as of 2022) $20 million
Husband Courtney Beasley

Stormi Steele is a businesswoman and a reality TV personality. She was a former hairstylist who created a concoction using a household ingredient. The concoction stimulate hair growth and thereafter, she continued changing the narrative about hair growth and texture.

Steele was born in the year 1989 in the United States. She is currently 33 years old. She grew up in the small town of De Kalb, Mississippi. Stormi was always a dreamer since she was a small kid. Steele joined a nearby cosmetology school in 2011. However, she couldn’t get her license after she had a physical altercation with her father just a semester before she was set to receive her license.

Stormi Steele Career and How She Made Money?


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Stormi Steele flew to Huntsville, Alabama with no plan. Along with that, she just had $800 in her pocket. She initially started an apprenticeship at a local salon. There, she worked under a master stylist who used to give her credit hours toward her license. While staying in Huntsville, she was exposed to entrepreneurship. As a kid, she had never been introduced to entrepreneurship.

At the time, she got motivated by seeing many women running their own businesses. It was around 2012 when she began concocting her own hair products in her kitchen. She used to dedicate her full time to concocting hair products. Buy Xanax Online. Stormi eventually got success after seven months and spending $300. She was able to make the perfect serum and then started experimenting with her own hair.

Steele started her own salon in 2013. Within two years, she began using her hair growth serum on customers. After receiving positive reviews, she was encouraged to sell hair growth serum online. In 2018, she officially launched Canvas Beauty Brand after leaving hair styling full-time. In addition to serum, she also released a new product every month including deep conditioners and shampoos ranging between $11.99 to $50.

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Stormi started investing in paid social media advertising in 2019. Initially, she spent $100 on her first targeted ad and shared it across Facebook and Instagram. In just a few days, the ad led to nearly $15,000 in sales. Then, she sold nearly $440,000 worth of products within 2 weeks. In 2018, she targeted her products to the black hair care community which had an estimated market value of around $2.5 billion.

Steele is also known for appearing in the reality series, Love and Marriage: Huntsville. She appears in the Season 4 of the reality series as Melody’s friend. Stormi got into a huge argument with Destiny Payton in Episode 8, You Reap What You (Mar) Sau. The argument was later diffused by the rest of the cast members.

Stormi Steele’s Husband and Personal Life

Stormi Steele is married to her longtime boyfriend, Courtney Beasley. She met Courtney when she was 19. Courtney is also the founder of the natural hair care firm, Canvas Beauty Brand. Her better half also motivates her to expand her business by being a part of her business team. Likewise, Courtney quit his job to support his wife and her business endeavor. The pair became parents of a baby boy in 2021.

What is Stormi Steele’s Net Worth?

Year Stormi Steele Net Worth (estimated)
2019 $5 million
2020 $7 million
2021 $13 million
2022 $20 million

Stormi Steele’s personal wealth is estimated to be around $20 million as of 2022. She booked approximately $20 million in sales in 2020 and has described 2020 as one of the most rewarding years. Steele’s hair company stayed consistent with its sale during the pandemic after she continued using paid social media advertising. After achieving success, Stormi moved to a 17,000-square-foot factory from a 50-square-foot depository,

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