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Markwayne Mullin Net Worth: How Rich is the Senator Actually?



Markwayne Mullin Net Worth

Markwayne Mullin is an American businessman, politician, and former MMA fighter. He is best known for serving as Oklahoma’s junior senator. As of 2023, Markwayne Mullin net worth is estimated to be between $31.6 million to $75.6 million.

Who is Markwayne Mullin?

Full Name Mark Wayne “Markwayne” Mullin
Date of Birth July 26, 1977
Age 45 years old
Born Place Tulsa, Oklahoma
Profession Businessman, Politician
Net Worth $31.6 to $75.6 million
Wife Christie Mullin

Markwayne Mullin is a politician who is a member of the Republican Party. He is the first Native American United Senates senator from Congress since Ben Nighthorse Campbell. Previously, he served as the U. S. representative for Oklahoma’s 2nd congressional district for a decade from 2013 to 2023.

Mullin was born on July 26, 1977, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He was born as the youngest kid of his parents, Jim Martin and Brenda Gayle Morris Mullin. His father was involved in a plumbing business called Mullin Plumbing. He was 20 when he took over his father’s business after his dad fell ill.

Regarding his education, he studied at Stilwell High School and later attended Missouri Valley College. However, he didn’t graduate from Missouri and later enrolled at Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology. He received an associate degree in construction technology from Oklahoma University in 2010.

Markwayne Mullin Net Worth & Career


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Markwayne Mullin declared his candidacy for the U. S. House of Representatives for the 2012 elections in September 2011. He was representing Oklahoma’s 2nd congressional district. Mullin finished first in the six-candidate Republican primary with 42% of the vote.

Mullin later defeated the Democratic nominee, Rob Wallace with a vote margin of 57% to 38%. With that, he became the first Republican to represent Oklahoma’s 2nd congressional district since Tom Coburn in 2001. In 2014, he was reselected with 70% of the vote where he defeated Earl Everett. He again got victory over Jarri Jackson in the June 2016 Republican primary.

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In 2012, Markwayne ran for Congress and promised to serve only 3 terms (6 years). However, in July 2017, he announced that he would run for a fourth term in 2018. Mullin claimed that he was previously ill-advised to make a promise to serve for only three terms. Ultimately, he won a four-way Republican primary, receiving 54% of the vote. In 2020, he again won the Republican primary with 79.9% of the vote.

In March 2023, he classes with Teamsters President, Season O’Brien during a Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearing on union-busting tactics. The Teamsters President told Mullin that he was out of line after the GOP senator said that he was sucking the paycheck out of workers to earn his salary.

However, Mullin claimed he only paid himself a $50,000 salary and invested every amount into his business. The GOP Senators said when he ran a plumbing business, he paid himself a salary of only $50,000. On the other hand, Sean O’Brien was taking around $200,000 in salary.

Mullin also described himself as a job creator and said in 2009 that a union tried to intimidate his workers into unionizing. The GOP senator served on Capitol Hill since 2012 and is known for clashing with State Department officials in 2021. During that time, he sought to get on a self-appointed rescue mission into Afghanistan.

Markwayne Mullin’s Wife & Personal Life

Markwayne Mullin is married to his wife, Christie. Together, they share six children. In August 2013, his wife, Christie reportedly adopted twin girls who had lived in separate houses since they were infants. Mullin also said in an interview that the twin girls had been living with distant relatives of Christie.

Markwayne Mullin Net Worth

Markwayne Mullin has earned an estimated net worth of around $31.6 million to $75.6 million. At the end of 2020, his personal assets increased from a range of $7.3 million to $29.9 million to a range of $31.6 million to $75.6 million. Mullin reportedly earned a huge sum from selling his plumbing-related companies to HomeTown Services.

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