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Rick Dufay Net Worth: How Rich is the Musician Actually?



Rick Dufay Net Worth

Rick Dufay is a French-American guitarist who played guitar for the rock band, Aerosmith from 1980 to 1984. He also released an album titled Tender Loving Abuse in 1980. As of 2023, Rick Dufay net worth is estimated to be around $5 million.

Who is Rick Dufay?

Full Name Richard Mare Dufay
Date of Birth February 19, 1952
Age 71 years old
Born Place Paris, France
Profession Guitarist
Net Worth $5 million
Ex-wife Maureen Dumont Kelly

Rick Dufay is a guitarist originally from France. He rose to prominence after being associated with the rock band, Aerosmith in 1980. Dufay was considered the stabilizing force behind the band. He played guitar for the rock band between the departure of Brad Whitford in 1981 and his subsequent rejoining in 1984.

Rick Dufay was born in Paris, France on February 19, 1952. He was born to actor Richard Ney. Not much is revealed about his mother, upbringing and siblings. Dufay has also not shared any details about his academic achievements.

Rick Dufay Net Worth & Career

Rick Dufay had already released an album, Tender Loving Abuse before he joined the rock band, Aerosmith. He became a part of the band after Brad Whitford left in 1980. He was recommended as Whitford’s replacement by Jack Douglas, who had previously produced his album.

Dufay came as a savior of the rock band, which was facing a tumultuous time in the early 1980s. At the time, their lead rhythm guitarist, Brad Whitford had left the band. Likewise, the band’s major vocalist, Steven Taylor was gradually falling into drug abuse.

Rick became a part of the rock band after they released their album, Rock in a Hard Place. Later, he was featured in their video titled Lightning Strikes. While performing with the band, he was providing support to the band’s lead singer Steven Tyler.

Dufay later reunited the rock band with its former members. He also brought the former guitarist, Brad Whitford to the band. Brad returned to the band in 1984 and after that, Dufay left the band. Following his departure from Aerosmith, he joined the band, Blue By Nature.

Rick dropped his second album titled Written In Stone in 2001. However, after he end his stint with Aerosmith, he could not get success in his music career. Though, he tried to continue his musical dream by posting solo covers on his personal websites. Along with that, he also collaborated with other music artists on their songs.

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But, he could not achieve the same achievement as he was getting with the rock band, Aerosmith. In 2001, Aerismoth’s lead guitarist, Joe Perry acknowledged Dufay’s contribution to the band and his selfless act that eventually helped to reunite the band again. Perry also talked about Dufay’s declining music career during Aerosmith’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame acceptance speech.

Rick Dufay’s Wife & Personal Life

Rick Dufay was married to exotic dancer, Maureen Dumont Kelly. Before they called off their marriage, they became parents of a daughter, Minka. Their daughter is a famous actress who rose to fame as Lyla Garrity on the NBC series, Friday Night Lights.

Minka Kelly mentioned her parents in her new memoir, Tell Me Everything, which is expected to get released on May 2, 2023. In her new memoir, Kelly mentioned that she was raised by her mother all alone. Her mom used to perform as an exotic dancer to make ends meet. In 1979, Maureen met Kelly’s dad Rick Dufay at a recording studio in LA.

Dufay and Maureen’s causal romance eventually led to a pregnancy. At that time, Rick was about to go on a music tour with the rock band, Aerosmith and he was not ready to be a full-time father. But, Maureen wanted to keep the baby.

Maureen was on her own for a very long time. She was surviving doing her best with having a child to raise. Despite the difficult condition, she was able to raise her daughter. Minka also mentioned in her memoir that her mom loved her to the best of her ability.

Rick Dufay Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rick Dufay’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. He has managed to accumulate a whopping amount from his music career. The Aeromsith’s former guitarist was previously signed to European Label for whom he recorded an album. Unfortunately, the label collapsed before he could release the album.

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